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Correlation of Daily Diet with Cancer and What You Can Do About It

Correlation of Daily Diet with Cancer and What You Can Do About It

Cancer is believed to be the second cause of death globally according to the World Health Organization and is one of the most feared diseases worldwide. A specialist pharmacy in Belleville, New Jersey explains how food and cancer are correlated:

  • Eating too much of certain food increases your risk of cancer
    Consultant Pharmacist in New Jersey points out that eating too much red meat, processed products, sugar, and refined carbs can contribute to the risk of getting cancer. As much as possible, take these foods in moderation or consider an alternative.
  • Having a diet low in fruits and vegetables
    A provider of patient support in New Jersey asserts that the lack of physical activity and obesity has been directly linked to cancer. On the other hand, low fruit and vegetable consumption is another catalyst. The good news is that losing weight and consuming sufficient fruits and vegetables can significantly reduce carcinogen levels in the body.
  • Using tobacco and drinking alcohol
    While they may seem harmless, tobacco and alcohol can greatly contribute toward progressing carcinogen levels in the body.

On a positive note, some foods are naturally designed to fight cancer. These include fruits and vegetables, beans and legumes, flaxseed, spices, nuts, olive oils, garlic, fish, and many others. You can also take supplements and vitamins for optimum health.

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