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Over-The-Counter Remedies for GERD


Gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD is a digestive order wherein the stomach acid flows back into the esophagus. Most people refer to this as acid reflux. Common symptoms of GERD include heartburn, difficulty swallowing, and a sour liquid taste in the mouth.

As a Specialist Pharmacy in Belleville, New Jersey, MedBox Specialty Pharmacy, here are some of the over-the-counter medications to help ease the symptoms of GERD:

  • Proton pump inhibitors (PPI)
    PPIs are one of the medications used to reduce GERD symptoms. It blocks and reduces the stomach acid which gives time for the esophageal tissue to heal. It also helps prevent heartburn accompanied by GERD. To know the different types of PPIs available for you, talk to our Consultant Pharmacist in New Jersey.
  • Antacids
    Antacids are taken to neutralize the acid in the stomach which makes the esophageal lining less exposed to gastric acids. Antacids are usually used for quick relief whenever you experience GERD symptoms but these, however, do not prevent the symptoms.
  • H2 blockers
    H2 blockers are used to reduce the acid produced by the stomach. Although it acts more slowly, the symptom relief is usually longer which lasts for about 8 to 12 hours.

An important caution though is to not self-treat GERD as these over-the-counter medications are only temporary solutions. Be sure to consult your doctor for a proper diagnosis of your condition.

MedBox Specialty Pharmacy is also here to provide patient support for people with GERD or other gastroenterology disorders. For any questions or assistance, please contact us at 844-840-1758 | 973-323-2626.

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