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  • Our Mission Statement

    At MedBox Specialty Pharmacy, we care about patients like they are family. Our mission is to make sure we provide the best services, care, and therapy education to every patient. Our trained pharmacists provide specialized support and help our patients manage their conditions and medications. We work with healthcare providers through each individual process from start to finish to help them through the complex prior authorization process and to ensure each patient receives the proper treatment. We provide trustworthy, cutting-edge resources dedicated to the development of specialized, custom medications that sets the standard for quality and innovation in our industry. Our professionals will always remain adaptable to changing market conditions while providing and supporting an interactive network that encourages knowledgeable collaboration among healthcare professionals and patients.

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Welcome to MedBox Specialty Pharmacy

MedBox Specialty Pharmacy works with the entire health care ecosystem to connect patients who have chronic and rare conditions to medication, information, and funding. Our personalized approach is supported by outstanding results in medication adherence rates, patient and prescribe satisfaction, and more. We believe in working with prescribers, payors, and pharmaceutical companies to offer the best patient support possible. We are here to help patients flourish and we exist to serve.

At MedBox Specialty Pharmacy, we strive to educate, encourage, and empower our communities through healthy living initiatives. MedBox Specialty Pharmacy is passionate about health—and not just from 9 to 5. It’s our mission, our philosophy, our purpose. It’s why we get up in the morning.

We offer our services to anyone who is in need of medications. We serve a community of doctors, healthcare providers, and patients. Our ultimate goal is to provide personalized care and education to patients with chronic illnesses to help them understand their therapies and processes and help them manage expectations.

For us, attaining excellence entails offering our patients their best opportunity for happier lives—lives with more milestones, more memories, and more memories in the making. The outcome isn’t just a result; it’s an impact. This is why we are dedicated to assisting one patient at a time. It’s important to us that we use our position as a specialty pharmacy to give back to our local communities. Besides our corporate giving, our team gets frequently involved in community service projects. This is all a portion of being a people-driven company—helping the individuals and families who live and work near us.