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Providing patients with complex diseases the high-cost, high-touch medication therapy they need to manage their conditions.

Specialty medications range from oral and injectable to biologic. These medications are designed to treat rare, complex, or chronic conditions such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, hepatitis, and the like.

Specialty pharmacists can work in a variety of settings. There are pharmacists who work in pharmacies that focus on specialty medications. In the specialty pharmacy setting, pharmacists can work in different areas, including dispensing, patient advocacy, medication therapy management, and therapy compliance. Some pharmacists, on the other hand, work in institutional or health system settings and may be part of the patients’ therapy, from in-patient to ambulatory care sites. In addition, other pharmacists work in more retail settings and either concentrate on specific specialty disease states at their practice sites or collaborate with an affiliated specialty pharmacy provider to dispense these complex medications.


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